A-Frame Tiny Cabin

This ALT 10'x12' A-Frame is a cozy 120 sf. cabin that is loaded with a kitchenette and elevated custom bed.

Retail Price

$ 40,500.00 USD

Discounted price:

$ 38,400.00 USD

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This unit is ideal for investors who own unique airbnb properties. The unit is well insulated and built to last multiple generations. It's unique modern exterior and large glass windows makes the space full of light and truly different than any other nightly rental options available. The interior walls all all wood shiplap giving it a cozy cabin feel as well. If you have a glamping resort we are offering an additional $2,000 per unit if you purchase all three that we have available. Also, if you need us to help you make a bathroom unit for you for these units we can convert a shipping container into a bath house. Below is a video of similar units we've built.

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