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Container Homes

Not only do container homes have a unique and ‘one of a kind’ look. They are extremely durable and have a simple set up process. All of the home’s utilities are self contained and ready to easily be connected once on-site.

Container Offices

A mix of modern and industrial. ALT Offices are designed to go directly in your backyard. This plug and play living space can be used for a variety of purposes.

A frames

Are you looking for way to earn additional income through Airbnb? Or maybe you’re just looking for a unique structure for your mountain property. An ALT A-Frame Tiny Cabin is a great solution for both nightly rentals or weekend getaways


Transform your backyard overnight into an oasis with a beautiful above ground container pool!


Looking for your next great adventure? ALT Campervans are designed for outdoor enthusiasts and everyday folks who are looking to explore and experience all that nature has to offer.


A brand for those who believe that Less is More.

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Ready to build your dream? After completing over 100 container homes we want to teach you how to build your own. Learn from top industry experts and start your build today.


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Tony and the Alternative Living Spaces team made the experience of building a container home so enjoyable. The communication and attention to detail exceeded my expectations.”

Ryan McCoy

“Responsive builder, very easy to work with. We were impressed with the quality materials and attention to detail in the build, and our family and guests have been as well. We couldn't be happier with our container home. 100% recommend.”

Karen Faulkner


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Why Us?

ALT has been recognized by Dwell, Business Insider, HGTV and major News Networks around the U.S. as one of the Premier Builders in the Tiny Home Space.


Take your living space with you when you relocate.


Designed to hold thousands of pounds and withstand harsh weather.

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Luxury for less of a price tag


Repurposing an existing product

Why Container Homes?

Shipping Containers provide an optimal structure for intentional minimalist living. They are not only aesthetically unique but they are extremely strong and long lasting. 

They also offer a small footprint so you can have a luxurious space for less and save money on energy bills.

Primary Uses of Container Homes

1. Airbnb Rental

Our clients are earning over $200/night renting out their container tiny homes on Airbnb,

2. Backyard unit

Maximize your backyard by adding a tiny home, gym or office.

3. off Grid Cabin

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle. Put this on your property and unplug.

primary uses of campervans

1. nightly Rental

Earn $200-$300+ per night renting out your campervan.

2. nomadic Living

Interested in living on the road? Travel and work at the same time.

3. vacationing

The perfect weekend adventure vehicle.

How it Works


It’s important to make sure our product is the right fit for you. You’ll want to ensure you can have one of our units on your property and secure the necessary financing.

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With a variety of options to choose from and a wide selection of finishes, we have the build that is right for you. 


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