Exploring Alternative Living: Container Home in Springdale, Utah

We're thrilled to take you through one of our unique container homes. Located in the picturesque Springdale, Utah, this space holds a special place in our hearts as one of our first Airbnb rentals. Built-in collaboration with Chris Buonaiuto of Container Guys, let's dive into the fascinating features that make this container home stand out.

Distinct Living Spaces

One of the key highlights of this container home is the thoughtful design that creates distinct living spaces. The kitchen area is spacious, but what sets it apart is the separate living room. Bathed in natural light from two large windows, the living room boasts a convertible sofa that can comfortably accommodate three people. This versatile piece of furniture transforms into a queen-size bed with storage underneath for a cozy night's sleep.

Smart Storage Solutions

Efficient use of storage is a hallmark of this container home. From cubbies for clothing to additional storage areas, every inch is maximized. A cleverly designed storage unit under the TV provides space for clothing items, ensuring a clutter-free living environment. Ample shelving is also available for books and other belongings.

Well-Equipped Kitchen

Moving into the kitchen, you'll find upper and lower cabinets in a stylish navy blue, providing a vibrant contrast to the white surroundings. The kitchen has a microwave and a two-burner induction stove, ensuring all your cooking needs are met. The refrigerator, featuring an oil bronze finish, adds a touch of sophistication.

Charming Bathroom Design

Transitioning into the bathroom, a pocket door in a matching blue hue leads the way. The toilet, surprisingly spacious for a tiny home, features a corrugated steel shower with bronze finishes. The vanity, crafted from pallet wood, includes a unique vessel sink. The pallet wood theme extends to the mirror and wall, creating a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic. The tin ceiling, a first-time experiment, adds a touch of modernity with a hint of vintage charm.


This container home in Springdale, Utah, exemplifies the innovative and thoughtful approach to alternative living spaces. Every detail has been carefully considered, from distinct living areas to intelligent storage solutions and multi-functional furniture. This container home might be the perfect choice if you're seeking a unique and comfortable accommodation experience.

Thank you for joining us on this virtual tour! Stay tuned for more exciting projects from Alternative Living.

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