Building an A-Frame Tiny Cabin: From Structure to Sheathing

Welcome back to our construction journey! Today, we're standing in front of one of our 10-foot by 12-foot A-frame tiny cabins, currently in the structural phase. In this blog, we'll take you through the critical steps from the structural base to the installation of exterior sheathing, providing insights into the construction process and tips for those interested in A-frame projects.

Structural Foundation

The foundation of this A-frame beauty is built with 2x8 steel, ensuring stability and durability. Closed-cell spray foam insulation has been applied at a three-inch depth for optimal thermal efficiency. Rising to a height of 11 feet and spanning 10 feet in width, the uprights have been strategically cut at a 26-degree angle, spaced 24 inches on center to facilitate the attachment of plywood sheathing.

Flooring Installation

Following the completion of the base, the next step was the installation of the flooring. Using 4x8 sheets of three-quarter-inch plywood or marine-grade plywood, the flooring is staggered for stability. Temporary braces were added to maintain the correct angle during this construction phase, emphasizing the importance of precision in every detail.

Sidewall Framing and Sheathing

With the structural base and flooring in place, attention turned to the sidewall framing. Careful measurement and uniform frame cutting ensure a seamless connection at the apex. Metal tracks at the bottom provide additional rigidity, with the studs securely fastened to ensure sturdiness. Metal studs are showcased, although wood studs are commonly used, especially for smaller projects.

A metal track was installed at the bottom to enhance structural integrity, securing the studs on both sides. This provides stability and connects the studs, reinforcing the structure.

Exterior Sheathing

The A-frame's unique exterior aesthetic begins to take shape with the installation of exterior sheathing. Four-by-eight sheets, staggered and spaced at 24 inches, create the iconic look. As the sheathing progresses up both sides, the A-frame starts to reveal its distinctive charm even in the early stages of construction.

Conclusion and Resources

And there you have it – from the structural phase to the installation of exterior sheathing, the A-frame tiny cabin already showcases its allure. If you're intrigued by A-frame construction and considering it for your property, don't forget to download our free A-frame Jump Start Guide. Inside, you'll find floor plan examples, budgeting frameworks, and valuable guidance for your project.

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